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Our goal is to help customers improve their business performance by deploying and efficiently using the most advanced IT solutions.
Null Pointer can help you transform your business, making it more efficient and productive, providing you with IT consulting, IT solutions and related services that will improve your business.

We take pride in delivering technology solutions which actually work. We use our experience in a broad range of technologies and frameworks to develop software solutions that help you derive the maximum benefit which technology can provide. Our custom software solutions are developed with close involvelment of the client to ensure that you get exactly what you need, delivered in a timely manner.

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App Development

Mobile apps make it possible to have software which is always available and make use of the many features of the mobile device. Also, apps can integrate with web based systems to form part of a more complex software solution. We have expertise in developing Apps for the most popular platforms (Android & iOS) which together cover 99.9% of the market.

Enterprise Applications

Many corporate environments require complex systems to enhance efficiency and productivity or support daily operations. Many organisations have many subsystems or legacy systems which require integration. Null Pointer has experience designing and implementing enterprise architectures, providing scalable, component-based, distributed applications using enterprise application and integration patterns and service-oriented architecture.

Cloud-Based Solutions

In recent years the use of cloud computing has increased drastically as cloud solutions are replacing the need for local servers. Effective cloud solutions are more cost-effective, scalable, available and reliable. We have successfully developed new cloud-based solutions, as well as migrated from traditional setups to the cloud.

Web Development

Web applications make it easy to reach a wide audience and modern web application are responsive and interactive in a way that has traditionally been reserved for standalone applications. We have many years experience in web development across a variety of sectors and using a braod range of web technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz-word which conjures up images of robots and sci-fi settings. However, AI has experienced a resurgence in recent years and is now applied in computer systems across a large number of sectors, opening up new opportunities for the development of more intelligent and learning systems. AI incorporates numerous subfields and research areas. Our experience focuses on automated reasoning and machine learning (e.g. case-based reasoning, genetic algorithms, clustering, neural networks, ).

Data Solutions

All software applications work with data. Today, the most popular data storage mechanism are databases. We have worked with the majority of relational database management systems, ranging from small embedded databases to complex databases running on database servers, as well as the creation of data warehouses. When working with large amounts of data, it is important to present data in a meaningful way. We have experience in creating Business Intelligence dashboards and reporting.

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